SEO Page Tester Tool

This tool tests and scores any web page for the optimization level of the title tag, meta description tag and meta keyword tag - and also performs a server header check.

   Keyword Suggestion Tool

Use our keyword suggestion tool to find up to 10 popular keywords matching your initial keyword.

   Index Checker

Determine how many pages from a specific website is present on a search engines index..

   Rank Checker

See the ranking of a specific website. Find out how popular a website is to users and search engines...

   Search Listings Preview

See how the search engine listing of your website will be displayed when a particular keyword is searched on Google, MSN and Yahoo.

   Meta-tags Extractor

View a site's meta-tags, and use its to establish the description and keywords of your website...

   Link Extractor

Link extractor will enable you to extract links from a specific web page with associated anchor text, HTML code, attributes and Google pagerank..

   Reciprocal Link Checker

This tool allows you to view all your link partners who are still linking back to your site.


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