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This tool tests and scores any web page for the optimization level of the title tag, meta description tag and meta keyword tag - and also performs a server header check.

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SEO Test as a FREE Website Assessment

The SEO Test introduced here is a free website assessment method that enables you to see how well a website has been optimized for search engines. You don't have to buy any software to perform this SEO Test!

Such a free website assessment can be carried out based on various search engine optimization standards. You examine the features of a website that are important for search engines. Let's begin now.

Major SEO Test Categories

To find out how well a website has been optimized for search engines, we should examine the major areas of that website: Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Keyword Density, etc.

Tools for Free Website Assessment

Like I've said earlier, this website evaluation is free and you don't have to buy a software. To be able to launch this task, you need some tools that are easily available on the internet. Therefore, take the following 2 steps to equip yourself for this SEO Test:

  1. Download Firefox Browser with Google Toolbar if you don't have it.
  2. Download the following add-ons for Firefox:
    Search Status and SeoQuake.

Firefox is a great web browser developed by Mozilla. It's fast, secure and customizable to your search engine optimization activities online. There are a large number of add-ons for Firefox that could enrich your web surfing experience. As you want to perform a free website assessment, I've only selected these two to show you how it can be done.

Search Status and Seo Quake are two exciting add-ons which could help you perform this SEO Test you have ahead of you. When installed, you can activate them both so that you can see them on your toolbar.

How to Start Your FREE Website Assessment

Now, let's start checking out the results by one of the add-ons and then go to the other one. Let's begin the SEO Test by learning from Search Status toolbar.

Search Status

Go to the homepage of the website which you want to test. When loaded, move the cursor onto the Search Status toolbar and right clock on Search Status logo. The opened task menu has got a list. What you need to check on for your SEO Test are:

  • Google Page Rank
    It's a graphic indicator up in the toolbar of your Firefox browser which shows some rank between 0 and 10 for each page of the website.
  • Alexa Rank
    It's a number which show the amount of traffic that this website receives. The higher the traffic, the lower the number. For example, Yahoo's Alexa Rank is 1.
  • Indexation
    Task Menu: Show Indexed Pages > All
    Function: It opens three tabs at the same window of your Firefox browser in which you'll find the indexation of that webpage in Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Link Popularity
    Task Menu: Show Backward Links > Page > All
    Function: It shows the number and address of the pages that have linked to this webpage in Google Yahoo and MSN, link popularity.
  • Meta Description
    Task Menu: Meta Tags
    Function: It opens a window in which you can see both Meta Description and Meta Keywords of that webpage.
  • Keyword Density
    Task Menu: Show Keyword Density
    Function: You can type the keywords that you've found in the Meta Keywords of the webpage and see its density in the window which opens.

Several other factors are also indicated there. You can have a look at them and go deeper in your website review project.


The toolbar installed by SeoQuake helps you a lot with your free website assessment project. You can see lots of various parameters with a "?" sign next to each on the toolbar. Press on each one and see the information it collects for you. Now, click on the "?" tab next to SeoQuake logo and see all the information in a row from various sources about this particular page.

This toolbar gives your SEO Test a lot of insight including:

  • Google PageRank that is the SEO score of the page according to Google.
  • Indexation of this website at Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Link Popularity of this page at Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Google Cached Date which indicates how long ago this page has been edited, renewed and refreshed.
  • Alexa Rank which shows the level of traffic at that website.
  • Age of Domain that indicates how old the domain is.
  • Keyword Density of this page which is an amazing tool showing various factors involved at this page including the Keyword Cloud.
  • Internal Links that lists all the webpages of the site with their Google Page Rank at a new window.

This is a customizable tool which can provide you with lots of other information. Just set the preferences as you wish and see the results of your website evaluation for yourself.

Website Assessment Parameter

There could be tens, if not hundreds, of search engine optimization factors involved in an SEO Test on a webpage. We've looked at some of them at this article.

You can launch a deeper website assessment based on more factors which helps you recognize a search engine friendly website. But as long as the major parameters are involved, Search Status and SeoQuake are quite helpful in figuring out how well a website is doing.

Written by Rahman Mehraby
Expert in Organic SEO & Website Promotion

Rahman Mehraby is a Search Engine Optimization specialist who stresses on Website Assessment and Organic SEO. He writes articles on legitimate SEO methods and how to boost website business.

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